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Street Art Walking Tour - Gift Voucher

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Belfast is a weird, passionate, messed up place. The legacy of our conflict is about more than people, it’s about place. It’s about how the people of Belfast navigate this divided city, and how we build shared spaces for people of all backgrounds to co-exist.

If you spend any time in Belfast you’ll know that it’s walls are covered in art. Often this art has been used to mark territory for one side or the other but recently, alongside this, something transformative has been bubbling. Street artists from across the globe have joined a new breed of Belfast based street artists to leave their mark on the city, and in particular in the Cathedral Quarter where the annual festival Hit the North takes place.

As curators of this festival Seedhead Arts know the artists, the stories, and perhaps most importantly the need to forge a new narrative for Belfast. Our Street Art Walking Tour forms part of that narrative. This art speaks of love, of laughter, of anger, of beauty and of defiance but most of all it speaks of Belfast and the place that it’s becoming.

Join us for a gently paced, two hour walk around the ever changing face of Belfast Street art every Sunday at noon, leaving from the red benches on Commercial Court (beside the Duke of York)

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